1. Purple and hot pink ruffian nails - nothing elaborate since I’m away from home and have been failing pretty hard at more complex designs lately.

  2. Kind of plaid nails for St. Patrick’s Day, vaguely following mrcandiipants’ flannel tutorial. Not terribly pleased with them, but they’re better than the shamrocks I flubbed up.

  3. Snowy nails for snowy weather. I’ve been obsessed with glitter lately. LA Girl “Splash” over Nicole “Khloé Had a Little Lam-Lam.”

  4. Green ombré nails for a date night - thought the color was appropriate for learning to play pool. :)

  5. A rainbow glitter monstrosity for NYE. My toenails match!

  6. Stippled lily pad nails inspired by mrcandiipants’ floral design. I love that technique so much and wanted to adapt it for use with brighter colors. Please excuse the crappy cleanup - I wasn’t taking blog quality photos when I painted these… But it’s the last of the designs I did before deciding to blog again, so you won’t have to put up with sad cuticles anymore!

  7. Autumnal nails from early fall. I loved the colors but hated the actual design.

  8. Birthday nails from last fall. My left hand looked just as good as my right - I was so proud!

  9. Stippled floral nails using mrcandiipants’ tutorial. I loved this design so much and got so many compliments on it.

  10. I’m not feeling Christmas colors, so I used Peachy Breeze from Sally Hansen (another polish my awesome secret Santa got me) to do this reindeer and snow. Sad winter skin is sad. :(